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Update #4. BGM, small improvements
First of all, started working on the soundtrack.


• Added local rendering ambiance. So some areas can have different lighting, fog color, etc.
Here's a demo: video

• Tried multiple camera smoothing methods. Didn't like them, it just didn't work with the pace of the game, character movement became too rigid and controls felt worse, but you can check the results here:
implementation 1 | implementation 2
Probably you will be able to turn them on in the configuration file (no promises).

• Rewrote rotation method (it's smoother now)

• Fixed bug that caused blood to disappear faster than it should be

• Added dynamic camera scale. It depends on the movement speed, most likely it will be an option (so you can turn it on or off)

• Improved feedback when multiple enemies get hit by the Frost Bolt explosion
Update #3. New Spell and Pylon animation

Uploaded new video with
• Added new new Ability (Frost Bolt).
   It's a projectile ability that hits enemies in area and applier slow effect for some time.
• Added pylon animation. Keep in mind that the pylon model is still work in progress.

Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas! Best wishes everyone!
Update #2. Small things that matter

New stuff:
• Added transparency to the walls when they obscure the hero
• Added shards that drop from monsters. They charge an 'ultimate' ability
• Started working on Pylons (think of them as checkpoints)

Here are the videos with updates:

Temple interior tile set update

This week I was working on a new tile set. It's not a level, it's rather like making a set of LEGO bricks, that I would later use to have fun in Blender (3d modelling software I use).
I also recorded some short video. Anyway, here's my recent progress. Keep in mind this is Work In Progress content.

Temple of the Monolith

Temple of the Monolith logo and first screenshots are now in the media gallery.

Temple of the Monolith Logo Temple of the Monolith Screenshot Temple of the Monolith Screenshot Temple of the Monolith Screenshot
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